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What Is Your Skin Microbiome and Why Is It Important For Your Skincare?

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What Is Your Skin Microbiome and Why Is It Important For Your Skincare?

Microbiome refers to a community of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses) living in or on the human body. Your body is home to about 100 trillion bacteria and other microbes, collectively known as your microbiome. Microbiome research, an emerging field that investigates how the bacteria that live in and on our bodies affect our health, has now become one the hottest areas of medicine.

The skin microbiome is comprised of millions of bacteria and immune cells, all working together to maintain our protective borders.  This is critical as skin is the largest and the most exposed organ. It is responsible for providing the first barrier to the external environment (sun radiation, urban pollution, weather, chemicals, etc).

The skin microbiome

Why are bacteria so important to our skin and overall health? Recent studies suggest a strong connection between a balanced microbiome and healthy skin. Skin microbes protect and contribute to local skin health and the well-being of the whole body. The skin microbiome gives immunity in a number of ways:

  • Starves out invaders through competition for nutrients.
  • Blankets the skin surface crowding out pathogens attempting to adhere.
  • Alters and educates immune cells, influencing the development of T cells and antigen-presenting cells.
  • Secretes antimicrobial substances that fight and destroy invaders.
  • Changes the local environment having a protective effect.
  • Secretes lipoteichoic acid (LTA) preventing skin inflammation.

Microbiome research has, in recent times, resulted in new anti-pollution products, incorporating probiotics, which help to build up the skin’s own defences as an antidote to urban life and premature skin ageing. The combination of botanicals, vitamins, and ingredients that support the skin defence is the magical recipe for products that are “microbiome friendly”.

We feature on the Anti-Pollution Online website our selection of the best such anti-pollution products on the market today.

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