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Travelling Today? Don’t Forget Your Anti-Pollution Mask And Accessories

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Travelling Today? Don’t Forget Your Anti-Pollution Mask And Accessories

A recent study found that, certainly on international flights, whom you sit next to and where you are seated makes all the difference between avoiding illness and infection while traveling.

If you sit within a seat or two of someone who is sick with a respiratory illness – you have a greater than 80% chance of becoming ill than passengers further away, according to a journal entry by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

On the positive side, for most people in the cabin there is a less than 3% chance of infection, so don’t worry about the person with the ‘flu a few rows back. The woman next to you sneezing away could be a problem though.

The main reason why people are at risk of catching someone else’s illness is close or frequent contact. A sick crew member can impact a far larger number of people on a flight than a person who does not leave their seat.

The more movement on a flight, the more infection that is likely to be spread. This makes the risk greater on longer flights.

Basic hygiene is very important. Everyone’s body reacts differently to germs and they can be more extreme to different people.

The issues described above apply just as much if you are traveling on a train or the subway or on a bus. And, often times, you cannot even see the threat!

Wearing one of our anti-pollution masks can help a lot in detering the transmission of illnesses.

And, use our anti-pollution skincare products to protect your skin and keep it fresh.


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