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There are now many anti-pollution global initiatives aimed at reducing the world’s poor quality air. Whilst you are waiting for these measures to have any result, below is our “one-stop shop” where you can buy products at affordable prices to: 

  • protect you and your family, and
  • combat the effects of air pollution.

Products which actually work!


Anti-Pollution Masks:

  • Are available in multiple sizes with adjustable ear loops to ensure a tight seal.
  • Are washable. No more throwaways!
  • Have replaceable filters which can block particles in the air of 2.5 microns in diameter – PM2.5 μm. (The human hair is 10 microns).
  • Offer protection for you and your family against smog, fumes and germs, UV radiation too.
  • Come with optional exhalation valves and scented air fresheners.
  • Can be customized with your personal or company logo.
  • Look good! Many colors and patterns to suit your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Anti-Pollution Online is pleased to offer you a 10% discount on the Anti-Pollution Masks below. On checkout, just enter this Coupon Code: FTMS10

Contact us for your personalized quotation if you wish to make a volume order, or you need face masks customized with your logo or initials.

Anti-Pollution Skincare: Microbiome/Biodiversity/Biotechnology/Anti-Bacteria Products

When it comes to anti-pollution skin care, you need more than simple hydration and nourishment. Air Pollution damages and alters the quality of the skin.

Throughout the day, the skin is in contact with atmospheric pollution and more specifically, PM2.5 microscopic fine particles. These pollutants can stick to the skin, and the smallest particles may even penetrate down to the epidermal cells. They alter the integrity of the cutaneous barrier and prevent it from functioning properly. The result: people suffer from inflammatory skin conditions. Moreover, the impact of pollutants on the skin is made worse by UV rays, the sun and even heat.

We have carried out research on your behalf to find what we consider as the best Anti-Pollution Skincare products currently available:

For Men

Have we missed your favorite brands? Do you agree with our choices? Please drop us a line with any feedback or reviews.

Anti-pollution Accessories and Gadgets:

Have we missed your favorite brands? Do you agree with our choices? Please drop us a line with any feedback or reviews.

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